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Release date: 20th August

Rough Trade Records are extremely happy to announce the PHYSICAL release of reggae pioneer and innovator Dennis Bovell’s mixes of the JARV IS... track “Swanky Modes” on August 20th. These mixes were first made available digitally back in April (before Dennis was awarded MBE status in the Queen’s Birthday Honours list). Iggy Pop was so impressed he played BOTH of the mixes during the course of a single edition of his BBC 6Music radio show.

This limited-run 7” single features hand-drawn label art by Jarvis himself & is housed in a bespoke cardboard sleeve with reinforced edging. Tuff.

It gets better: the song gets its name from a clothes shop Jarvis used to live near. The first person to tell us the address that Swanky Modes was originally based at will receive a copy of the single featuring the original artwork, painstakingly felt-tipped by Mr Cocker himself.

No shit, Sherlock.

The original song, taken from the band’s acclaimed album Beyond The Pale, found Jarvis Cocker confirming his position as one of the greatest lyrical auteurs of all time. The track weaved together a vivid series of snapshots of an unfurling affair with customary candid detail and electrifying erotic charge. Bovell’s remix taps into that atmosphere, while forging his own, new take on Swanky Modes. Expansive, tender, yet laced with a thrilling edge, his musical reimagining of Swanky Modes nods both at the original track’s illicitness and Bovell’s own musical roots, as it takes the song into a new, truly original space with its haunting mix of darkness and light. Along with the remix of the original track, a dub cut of Swanky Modes is featured on the flip side of the 7”, which beautifully exposes the textures Bovell has interwoven into Jarvis Cocker and co’s original creation.


  1. Dennis Bovell Mix
  2. Dennis Bovell DubMix